Elected and Appointed Officeholders:


Mike Levin
U.S. Representative (CA-49th) 

Toni Atkins
State Senator, District 39
Senate President Pro Tempore

Tasha Boerner Horvath
Assemblymember, 76th District

Chris Ward
Assemblymember, 78th District

Terra Lawson-Remer
San Diego County Supervisor, District 3



Henry Abarbanel
Member, Regional Water Quality Control Board
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Ted Bakker
Planning Commissioner (and Past Chair of PC)

Don Countryman
Vice-Chair, Planning Commission  

Geoff Criqui
Member, Lagoon Advisory Committee

John Farrell
Planning Commissioner

Ann Feeney
Vice-Chair, Sustainability Advisory Committee

Jill Gartman
Chair,  Lagoon Advisory Committee

John Gillies
Former Mayor and Councilmember

John Goodkind
Chair, Design Review Board

Ellie Haviland
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Lee Haydu
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Deborah Isackson-Groban
Former Councilmember

Dolores Davies Jamison
Clean Energy Alliance  Community Advisory Committee

Mel Katz
Chair, San Diego County Water Authority

Julie Kawasaki
Member, Lagoon Advisory Committee

Carol Kerridge
Member, Lagoon Advisory Committee

Karen Lare
Secretary, Lagoon Advisory Committee

K. Alan Lonbom
Member, City of Del Mar Finance Committee
Chair, Measure Q Citizen Oversight Committee

Beth Levine
Member, Design Review Board

Julie Maxey-Allison
Arts Advisory Committee

Claire McGreal
Planning Commissioner
Park and Recreation Committee

Tom McGreal
Former Chair, City Finance Committee

Mac McLoughlin
hair, City Parks & Recreation Committee

Jan McMillan
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Don Mosier
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Art Olson
Member, Shores Advisory Committee

Sherryl Parks
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Arlene Prater
Parks and Recreation Committee

Donna Shaw
Member, Lagoon Advisory Committee

Tom Sohn
Member, Shores  Advisory  Committee

Al Sweedler
Member, Sustainability Advisory Committee

Al Tarkington
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Glenn Warren
Member, Design Review Board

John Weare
Former Mayor and Councilmember

Buck Abell
Penny Abell
Gale Bakker
Eberly Barnes
Jeff Barnouw
Bruce Bekkar
Phil Blair
Catherine Blair
Bob Bone
Pat Bone
Linda Chisari
Frank Chisari
Stephanie Covington
Gale Darling
Ann Dempsey
Jason Dempsey
Steve Denyes
Liz Dernetz
Wayne Dernetz
Suren Dutia
AnneMarie Ebeling
Helen Eckmann
Joy Ehrenfeld
Rick Ehrenfeld
Jill Ellis
Bud Emerson
Debbie Ershler

Anne Farrell
Daria Flores
Mary Friestedt
Jeff Friestedt
Bob Gans 
Ivan Gayler
Lynn Gaylord
Charlie Gaylord
Mai-Lon Gittelsohn
Marc Gittelsohn
John Graybill
Gale Graybill
Stephen Groban
Tim Haviland
Marisa Hildebrand-Criqui
Rosanne Rennie Holliday
Will Holliday
Tom Humphries
Pat JaCoby
Rich Jamison
Linda Katz
Charlie Khoury
Arlene Lighthall
Karolen Linderman
Jennifer Lonbom (NeverAgainCA founding member)
Deb Lyons
Scott MacDonald
Carol Mason
Alice McNally
Ed Mirsky
Phyllis Mirsky
Linda Otchis
Wayne Otchis
Carol Padden
Ron Prater 
Suzi Resnik
Sudeepto Roy
Gloria Sandvik
Shawn Schraeger
Judy Schuckit
Marc Schuckit
Bob Scott
Ira Sharp
Rose Ann Sharp (Founder, NeverAgainCA)
Michael Sharpe
Sheila Sharpe
Doug Shelton
Janette Shelton
Katherine Sohn
Barbara Stegman
Joe Sullivan
Stephanie (Steve) Tarkington
Jay Thomas
Terri Thomas
Tensia Trejo
Lisa Uhrhammer
Michael Uhrhammer
Nancy Weare
Randee Warren
Pat Welsh
Judd Westover
David Winkler
Betty Wheeler
Ed Yuskiewicz
Midge Zarling

Organizational Endorsements:

The Sierra ClubSierra Club Endorsed

League of Conservation Voters

Torrey Pines Democratic Club

 San Diego County Democratic Party

A broad range of citizens have endorsed Dwight. What they’re saying:

Mike Levin 2021 Headshot

“I enthusiastically endorse Dwight Worden for re-election to the Del Mar City Council. As your Congressmember, I work with Dwight on many issues important to Del Mar and the region, and I have come to know and trust him as a stalwart fighter for our shared values of environmental sustainability, removal of nuclear waste from SONGS, and addressing rail relocation off the Del Mar bluffs, among others. Dwight’s background and experience as a municipal and environmental attorney make him uniquely qualified to lead Del Mar forward through this challenging time. Please join me in my support for Dwight for City Council.”
-Mike Levin
U.S. Representative (CA-49th)

“Thanks for all you do and your willingness to seek another term!”
-Chris Ward
Assemblymember, 78th District

Dwight Worden is an experienced leader who listens and builds consensus in order to get things done. Dwight cares deeply about the quality of life in Del Mar, and he’s proven to be an effective Mayor and City Councilmember. I urge you to join me in supporting Dwight Worden for City Council by voting for him on or before Tuesday, November 8.”
Tasha Boerner Horvath
State Assemblymember, 76th District

Sierra Club Endorsed“The Sierra Club [is] pleased to support your campaign in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting our environment.”
-Sierra Club

“I wholeheartedly endorse Dwight Worden for City Council because when we started our effort to end gun shows at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Dwight was with us in person every step of the way. His presence lent credibility to our efforts in Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas, with the citizens and the press during demonstrations, with the fair board, with city councils, with state legislators and with Gov. Newsom. When Dwight speaks, responsible leaders listen because they know that his plain truths are well researched and always in the best interest of the whole community. Dwight consistently asks: what more can I do to make the situation better for everyone, and then he does it!”
-Rose Ann Sharp
Founder, NeverAgainCA

“Dwight Worden is THE most qualified councilmember. Voters should greatly appreciate that a man with his extensive experience and good judgment is willing to volunteer again for this job.”
-John & Gale Graybill

“We wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Dwight Worden for his skills and expertise, dedication to our city, and long-time commitment to public service. Dwight listens to all perspectives, seeks consensus, and is always steadfast and articulate in supporting the core principles of good government and the Del Mar Community Plan. He has been an outstanding Councilmember and twice our Mayor—always a voice for progress who ably represents Del Mar in the region and is a leading advocate for the environment. We can count on Dwight to help maintain the unique character and qualities of our community and we enthusiastically support his re-election.
-John & Anne Farrell

Dwight Worden has been the voice of reason on our City Council, working tirelessly in the best interests of Del Mar and its residents. 
-Art Olson 

Dwight represents the best possible qualities for our elected representative.  He listens to his constituents; he keeps an open mind; he studies the issues carefully and bases his decisions on facts, not ideology or personal opinions; he is civil and remains calm during heated discussions; he seeks common ground with his other council members; and he is an all around nice guy.  Moreover, Dwight shares the highest values of our community – respect for the Community Plan, the environment, social justice, and individual rights.  We wholeheartedly support Dwight for City Council this November.
-Liz & Wayne Dernetz

“We are thrilled that Dwight is running again He represents everything that drew us to Del Mar 46 years ago and that keeps attracting newcomers who appreciate the uncrowded beauty and community spirit that he has helped preserve and enhance over the years.”
-Linda and Frank Chisari

“Del Mar is so fortunate to have Dwight Worden willing to give his energy, experience, and expertise to our town. We wholeheartedly endorse his re-election!”
-Lynn & Charlie Gaylord

 “Dwight’s demeanor and judgment have served Del Mar well. He has forged alliances regionally and with state officials toward accomplishing important goals for Del Mar. Throughout his eight years on Council, Dwight has effectively conveyed the nuances of complex issues and provided strong leadership for Del Mar.”
-Claire & Tom McGreal

“Dwight’s service to our City has been exceptional throughout his career. His experience, leadership and approach to analyzing issues and supporting sensible solutions sets him apart. Dwight’s voice is one that we all need to make sure continues to be heard, for the benefit of all the citizens of Del Mar.”

-K. Alan Lonbom & Jennifer Lonbom

“Hooray! Dwight has the near perfect combination of professional know-how, core community values, and people-oriented personality. Del Mar is very fortunate to have him as the face of our town in critical interactions with other levels of government where many decisions get made that affect our vital interests.”
-Bud Emerson

“I have worked with Dwight for many years through the Sustainability Advisory Board. Understanding the importance of addressing the climate crisis, Dwight has always been a strong supporter of all environmental issues. He always goes the extra mile, meeting with residents at any time to discuss issues.
-Ann Feeney, Vice Chair, Sustainability Advisory Committee

“It is a privilege to endorse Mayor Worden for another term on City Council. There has never been a more honorable, knowledgeable or hard working council member.  Dwight has a long and successful track record of supporting our community plan, our environment and our city’s financial health. He is well respected in the region and the state, which is critical as the fate of our bluffs is being decided.  I served on city council with Dwight for four years and saw first hand how valuable his expertise and integrity are while making tough decisions for our city.  He listens, he cares and he never loses his cool or his great sense of humor.  Please join me in supporting Dwight.
-Ellie Haviland, Former Mayor

“Del Mar punches well above its weight, with its important responsibilities of protecting its precious and fragile ecosystems, being a leader in sustainable living, steering city growth while respecting the Community Plan, encouraging involved citizenship and volunteerism, standing up for social justice, and fostering collegial,  well-informed civic discourse. Besides his stellar record in being a wise and considerate leader,  I can’t think of a better candidate who checkmarks all of these criteria than Dwight Worden.
-Sudeepto Roy

“Dwight has served the residents and businesses of Del Mar with distinction and honor. He is always prepared on all issues, and he has been the leader in fruitful and productive discussions with regional and State governments bringing value to all citizens in our City.
-Henry Abarbanel, Former Mayor

“Over the years I’ve come to rely on Dwight’s well researched, thoughtful explanations of some of the most complex policy issues facing our community. I’m very happy that Dwight is running again.
-Deb Lyons

“I am grateful that Dwight is willing to serve another term, when Del Mar needs him more than ever. In the 20+ years I’ve lived here, the council has never had a more qualified, knowledgeable, or accomplished member than Dwight, nor has it had a member better able to build a broad consensus for the benefit of our community based on rational, informed dialogue. In these times when polarization and misinformation are infecting all levels of our society, it is critical that we keep Dwight on the council to preserve the Del Mar way. I am proud to support him.
-Bob Gans

“We enthusiastically endorse Dwight Worden for City Council. Dwight is committed to the success and prosperity of Del Mar.”
-Mary & Jeff Friestedt

“Dwight has an extraordinary depth of experience and knowledge about all of the issues confronting Del Mar at this time. He is extremely articulate, distinguishes fact from opinion and lends the dimension of a historical context on most concerns. He artfully works with city and regional representatives and is consistently responsive to Del Mar residents. We are very fortunate that he is willing to give of his time, talent and treasures of memory and intelligence in service to the City of Del Mar.” 
-Gloria Sandvik

I worked with Dwight on his 2018 campaign. Since Dwight is a former City Attorney, I saw firsthand his invaluable knowledge of the legal and practical issues facing our city. I am voting for Dwight and hope you will too!
-Tim Haviland

“We are proud to support Dwight Worden’s re-election to the Del Mar City Council. Dwight is a representative for all Del Mar residents, supporting this wonderful city that we live in.”
-Bob & Pat Bone

“To always be honest with residents and to be solely motivated to run for office to protect and improve our town rather than for self interest are the most fundamental requirements of a Council member. Dwight has always demonstrated these characteristics which unfortunately is rare in our town’s current political climate. It is why his reelection is so important and why I strongly urge all residents to support Dwight.”
-Harold Feder

“Dwight is unparalleled in his knowledge of Del Mar and his understanding of its challenge. He’s committed to moving Del Mar forward. Del Mar has been fortunate to have his leadership and he should be reelected.”
-Glenn Warren

“Dwight’s proven experience and concern for Del Mar win him my vote in these times of tremendous pressures from outside forces.”
-Barbara Stegman

“Vote for Dwight Worden for Del Mar City Council! He’s the environmentalist we need to fight for our community. Read about Dwight’s lifelong record as an environmental champion.
-Terra Lawson-Remer, County Supervisor