I have written two new white papers on the SANDAG Del Mar tunnel project. One is in response to the opinion piece in the Union-Tribune by Peter Cramton published on October 4, 2023. I have asked the U.T to run a slightly shorter version of my paper, but do not know if they will do so. Mr Cramton argues the tunnel project can’t be justified and we should eliminate the train line and turn it into a trail on the bluffs. My piece takes a different view – read it here.

My second white paper is a compilation of responses to questions about the tunnel project asked by Del Mar citizens. It includes answers to questions about a Fairgrounds alignment, along with other key questions of interest to many of us. Read it here.

The SANDAG Del Mar tunnel project is an important project affecting all of us. Civil discussion and debate is valuable, and I thank Mr. Cramton for contributing to the dialogue, and I thank the many citizens who have shared their questions and concerns with me.