Dwight Worden for Council  

About Dwight

Dwight's roots in Del Mar are deep, with decades of participation in many of the key projects that have collectively made our city such a special place. A Del Mar resident since 1981, by that time he had already been long involved in the Del Mar community as City Attorney and participant in key environmental and quality of life issues.

His involvement in Del Mar goes back to the creation of the Community Plan in the 1970s, consulting and strategizing with key citizen activists, including Dave Keeling, who were leading the movement to protect Del Mar's special character. To this day, the Community Plan's provisions on view protection, floor area ratios, height limits, wetlands and open space designation and protection, bluff, slope and canyon protections, and other signature provisions deserve major credit for much of our quality of life in Del Mar.

As the drafter of Measure B, adopted by the voters in 1986, Dwight helped engrain the right of Del Mar citizens to vote on significant development in the central commercial zone. Measure B resulted in notable improvements in two key projects: the Del Mar Plaza and L'Auberge.

He drafted the Beach Protection Initiative (BPI) and served as counsel to citizens in support of the BPI. Then, as special counsel to the City, he successfully defended numerous lawsuits against the BPI and the City, resulting in beach encroachment removals that restored key beach property to the public for all to enjoy.

He has served as counsel to many citizen groups in Del Mar on key neighborhood, environmental and development issues. As special counsel to the City, he worked on selected projects from 1983-2001 including traffic enhancements on Crest (initial planning and, with Crystal Crawford, successful litigation defense of traffic calming plans), Coastal Act issues, and, representing a large group of cities including Del Mar, on key solid waste and recycling issues.

As Del Mar City Attorney (1977-83), he advised the City Council, manager and staff; sat with and advised the Planning Commission and DRB, and drafted many City Code provisions.

As a founding partner in Worden and Williams, he represented many citizens groups, environmental organizations, cities and special districts on land use, planning and environmental matters from the firm's founding in 1974 until his retirement from active practice in 2001, and served as general counsel to the San Dieguito River Park JPA, the San Elijo JPA, NCTD, and the Leucadia Water District.

He served as the Sierra Club representative to the San Diego Coast Regional Commission, and subsequently was appointed to the Commission by the Governor in 1977, and as an alternate on the statewide Appellate Commission, appointed by the President of the Senate. A lifetime member of the Surfrider Foundation, he served on its advisory board for some years.

Dwight's volunteer work in Del Mar includes service on the City's Fair Grounds Advisory Committee, the Form Based Code Committee, and the Garden Del Mar Committee. He has done volunteer legal work for Del Mar Community Connections and the Del Mar Foundation, and is a former Foundation board member. After retirement from his law firm, he continued to work on significant Del Mar environmental and quality of life issues: for example, working with the Lagoon Committee on wetlands enhancement and restoration issues and on public trust tidelands issues. He is a current and long-time member of two committees for the UCSD medical school: the Human Subjects in Research IRB, and the Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee.

And a fair portion of Dwight's free time is devoted to bluegrass and acoustic music, playing in three bands and recently completing a 6-year term on the board of the International Bluegrass Music Association. He's lucky to have both his grandkids living close by, and he logs in lots of baseball and soccer practice with them (with his dog Molly playing the outfield). He and Molly are also regulars on local disc golf courses and hiking trails.


Dwight in 1977

Dwight Worden in 1977, at the San Diego Regional Coast Commission

Dwight Worden

Dwight today, committed to the best Del Mar we can create together.

Dwight enjoys baseball with his grandkids

Dwight enjoys baseball practice with his grandkids and his dog Molly. . .

Dwight at the Disc Golf Course in Bakersfield

. . . and a round of disc golf is regularly on Dwight's schedule. Ask him about this crazy course in Bakersfield!